Dr. Bruce I. Minkin Reviews

See what real patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Minkin

“Dr Bruce Minkin is one of the best doctors I have ever interacted with and I have been an RN for several decades. He is not only knowledgable, but is skilled at patiently explaining injuries and procedures to his patients and their families. In addition to myself, I have several family members who have been treated by him with great success, even for very complex procedures. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing his skill set.” —Real Patient

“Dr. Minkin performed several hand surgeries on my husband with excellent results. His hands are now as good as new, thanks to Dr. Minkin. And his physical therapy department is excellent, too.” —Real Patient

“I had surgery on my thumbs in 2008 & 2009. Now I can do anything I ever did with no pain.I excerised my hands as I was supposed to & I would do the surgery over if I was having the kind of problems I did before. Thank God for Dr Bruce Minkin.” —Real Patient

“Headline says it all. My experience with Dr. Minkin has been outstanding. Communication is good and interest in all aspects of recovery not always found in other physicians has been the best.” —Real Patient

“Great Results and down to earth care. Would highly recommend.” —Real Patient

“Dr. Minkin is a hand surgeon. He helped me a great deal with a painful finger. I asked him how he knew where to put the injection, and he humored me, “How do you know how to drive a car?” He is not sarcastic, but caring and in my case he knew exactly what to do. The staff is great, and the office is convenient. He was recommended to me my a good friend and also my dentist. They have all been successfully treated by him. I like his “bedside” manner I guess it is called.” —Real Patient