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“Dr Lehman convinced me to try PRP for hip pain, and although I was skeptical, it seemed better to try a healing procedure rather than injecting a cortisone band-aid which would simply mask my pain. I’m about 7 weeks out, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Recovery takes less time than anticipated–and my pain has diminished from a 7/10 to never more than a 2, and often days are totally pain-free. I am enormously grateful to her. Lehman is direct, honest and compassionate.” —Real Patient

As a active golfer I was very concerned when I tore the meniscus in my left knee in October 2015. I had arthroscopic surgery the following month. There was some improvement but it was slow . In January/Febuary 2016 I had 3 gel type injections (OrthoVisc) which offered little improvement. This was followed by a steroid injection which helped but only for 2/3 weeks. My Orthopedic physician said that about the only thing left was full knee replacement . I was reluctant to have this done due to the lengthy down time and the fact that I felt I had about 50/60% use of the knee. It was just difficult to play golf or engage in other types of exercise. In May it was recommended that I schedule a visit with Dr. Christine Lehman for a exam and consultation–which I did. I found her very through and knowledgeable and felt very comfortable with her exam and explanations. She indicated I was borderline for the replacement and I might be a good candidate for a PRP injection but with no promises!

I had my first injection in late June,2016–I saw some relief within a month and considerable with 2 months. I felt I had as much as a 15/20% improvement and returned to playing golf 3 times per week ,although I do wear a sleeve brace on the knee when I play..I was so pleased with the results from the first injection that I had a second in October 2016. Although there was additional improvement it was not as significant as with the first shot .

It’s now Febuary 2018 and I’m still playing golf 3 times per week and walking 1-2 miles 2 times per week with very little pain ! I feel my bad knee is still 80/85% functional and I’m very pleased with the results!

In fact I’m so pleased I’ve scheduled a booster shot the end of Feb. in preparation for a walking golf trip to Scotland in May. I’m sure the PRP isn’t for everyone but I’m very happy I found Dr. Lehman and she recommended it for me instead of full knee replacement surgery.—Real Patient

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