Physical Therapy

If you’ve been injured or recently had surgery, you may have trouble moving your body normally due to pain, stiffness or weakness. Physical therapy can help you overcome these barriers through prescribed movements and/or non-surgical treatments that increase strength and mobility.

Following surgery, physical therapy fosters healing by providing a safe, progressive protocol to regain use of the area. This takes the “guesswork” out of rehabilitation to help you make a more successful recovery. ¬†Physical therapy can also help you correct imbalances in strength and flexibility that often lead to injury, not only helping you overcome a current injury but also preventing future injury.

Our experienced physical therapists can help you come back stronger

Our licensed physical therapist, Charlie Robbins, PT, has over 38 years of experience helping patients recover from injury and improve their mobility through the latest, proven physical therapy techniques. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Charlie moved to Asheville in 1976 and has practiced physical therapy in both orthopedic practice and hospital settings.

In addition to working one-on-one with physical therapy patients at Carolina Hand & Sports Medicine, Charlie is experienced in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and working with other healthcare professionals, legal counsel, and case managers to communicate honestly and effectively about a patient’s readiness to return to work following injury or surgery.

In 2017, we welcomed Physical Therapist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Jenni Sims, PT, COTA to our team. Jenni has over 10 years of experience in physical therapy and provides personalized, effective care to her patients. She also works with our occupational therapists to help patients transition back to daily activity and work following trauma.

What does physical therapy involve?

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to help you regain function of injured joints and muscles and return to your normal level of activity without pain. Based on your medical history, physical examination, and imaging test results, your physical therapist will design a personalized treatment plan for you.

Treatments typically include a progressive therapeutic exercise program to recover range of motion, strength, and stability. Your physical therapist can also help you establish a home exercise program to accelerate or maintain your progress. Depending on your injury or condition, our plan may include:

  • A personalized exercise routine, performed with assistance or at home
  • Manual therapy and manipulation
  • Heat, cold, ultrasound, or electricity therapy
  • Bracing, orthotics or prosthetic devices
  • Strengthening through isometric (joint is not moved) or isotonic (joint is extended or flexed) exercises
  • Balancing with a therapeutic ball or rocker board
  • Stretching
  • Myofascial release (restore normal connective tissue flexibility)
  • Gait training to normal gait on level, slopes and stairs
  • Additional therapies and techniques

How do I get an appointment for physical therapy?

Typically, we accept patients by doctor referral; that is, your doctor will assess your situation and refer you to our office if s/he agrees that physical therapy is a good option for you. However, if you are interested in physical therapy services at Carolina Hand & Sports Medicine or have questions, please contact us! We will be happy to assist you.