Broken Finger Treatment

Finger fracture signs, symptoms and treatment options

Broken fingers are common, painful, and can be make life difficult for awhile. The good news is that they are treatable.

Our board certified orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced hand surgery specialists. Through both classic and advanced techniques, they can help a patient restore a broken finger very closely, if not entirely, to its normal appearance and function.

How Does A Finger Break?

broken finger treatmentThe phalanges are the bones in the finger. Every finger has three phalanges, but the thumb has two phalanges. A finger is broken if at least one of these bones break. Any phalange can be broken. The knuckles can also be broken.

It’s not surprising that the fingers are among the parts of the body most vulnerable to injury. You can injure your finger by working with a tool, such as a saw or hammer. You can also injure your finger if it is hit by a baseball or another fast-moving object. Slamming a door or using your hand to break your fall can also result in a fracture.

The strength of the bone and the type of injury determine where the bone will be fractured. Malnutrition and osteoporosis can also increase the risk of a fracture.

How do I know if my finger is broken?

Limited range of motion, tenderness, swelling and pain are some of the signs of a broken finger. Your finger may appear as though it is out of alignment. Although broken fingers can be painful, your finger may be broken even if you feel little or no pain.

How To Treat A Broken Finger

If the fracture is stable, then the doctor may tape the broken finger to an adjacent finger. An unstable fracture will need to be mobilized. A splint may also be applied to an unstable finger. In some cases, surgery is necessary. A hand surgeon or orthopedic surgeon can determine whether surgery is the best option.

Is It Possible To Prevent Broken Fingers?

You can reduce your risk of breaking a finger by getting plenty of vitamin D and calcium. These nutrients will strengthen your bones, which will reduce the risk of a fracture. People who have problems walking may want to use a walker or cane. Laborers and athletes should exercise caution when they are doing any activity.

Think you may have a broken finger? We can help.

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