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Broken finger: treatment, recovery and more.

Overview The phalanges are the bones in the finger. Every finger has three phalanges, but the thumb has two phalanges. A finger is broken if at least one of these bones break. Any phalange can be broken. The knuckles can also be broken. How Does A Finger Break? The fingers are the parts of the … Continue reading Broken finger: treatment, recovery and more.

Metacarpal Fracture

The metacarpal is the name given to any of five bones in the hand. For athletes, a common hand injury is a metacarpal fracture or broken hand. Hand injuries occur for various reasons. Common Causes of Hand Fractures in Athletes One way in which athletes injure their hands in sports is through direct force. This … Continue reading Metacarpal Fracture

30 Second Lesson in Hand Massage

Hand massage feels great and can be a fantastic way to get a little stress relief. Using a reflexology map can help you pinpoint areas to concentrate your pressure. Ready, set, relax! YOU CAN FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO START YOUR HAND MASSAGE: Step 1: ┬áSit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room. Step 2: … Continue reading 30 Second Lesson in Hand Massage

Collarbone Fractures

Breaking The Collarbone Summer is a great time for children and adults to be active. That is why sports injuries are common during the summer. The clavicle, which is also known as the collarbone, is one of the bones that is fractured most often. The injury may occur as the result of falling directly on … Continue reading Collarbone Fractures

Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel?

Though they are both common, painful afflictions, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are quite different diseases. Arthritis results from a breakdown of cartilage, while the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome comes about because of a pinched nerve. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve that runs through the wrist is compressed. … Continue reading Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel?